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Custom PVC Power Bank - Beer Bottle Shaped
#PVC003P Tri Cable

100 $18.94 each
250 $15.93 each
500 $14.58 each
1000 $13.13 each
$35.00 each

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# PVC003P Tri Cable - Custom PVC Power Bank - Beer Bottle Shaped

Custom Beer Bottle Shape smart 2600mAh mobile power bank with 18650 Li-battery. Custom Shape Powerbanks are a perfect way to brand our portable powerbank chargers. Internally and functionally the same as our standard powerbanks, Custom Shape Powerbanks ensure that your end users are reminded of your company every time they are used. A PVC rubber sleeve is constructed that envelops the battery and internals based on your design. Each Powerbank is equipped with a high-drain 2600mAh ICR battery for maximum performance. Do not settle for lesser models that are incapable of fully recharging your drained devices. For complete technical specs, please contact your sales representative.

For more information, contact your sales representative.