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Premium X-Banner Stand - 22.75" x 66.5"

# XBANP-2266 $53.49 - $58.84 | Min Qty 1

The x-banner stand is one of the most cost effective ways of displaying your banners in the market place. These efficient & powerful banner stands are perfect for use in trade shows, exhibits, retail store spaces or for marketing in conference rooms or hallways. Now you can use these great products outdoors as we have revolutionized the product by adding the ability to use a water base stand for additional stability.

"X" shaped frame is used to mount titanium backed vinyl or other media and place the unit wherever it is appropriate for the most exposure. Moreover, the ease with which the vinyl or other media can be changed also adds to the effectiveness of these frames. The simple structure of this frame makes it very convenient and less time consuming to change the advertising material.

X Banner Stands generally occupies less floor space as compared to other display tools. This allows for a reduction in your total marketing expenditure. We offer customized designed fabrics so that your material fits perfectly onto the frame.

Although an old and traditional concept this unit still has an integral position in the advertisement and marketing industry. You can still find these frames being used extensively in restaurants, bars, shopping centers etc, this is due to the cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance associated with them. If you are looking for a display solution that can bring about the desired promotional results without becoming a burden on your pocket then these X Banner Stands will prove to be an ideal choice for you.

20' Wacky Man™ Single-Leg Inflatable, Yellow 1 Letter

# WCKY-20-0116-1L $537.91 - $595.64 | Min Qty 1

Introducing Titan Flow™ rip stop nylon coated fabrics. The very best in fabric technology ensuring that your dancers will outlast the competition every time!

The inflatable advertising business has come up with some very lively innovations in recent years. Among these, Wacky-Man™ or dancing inflatables may evoke the most cheer. If you have driven by towering, nimble nylon Wacky-Man, you have witnessed these popular items. These eye-grabbers come from manufacturers - built to last with premium coated ripstop nylon. All of our Wacky-Man™ products use crafty innovation to catch the public's eye, but the constant movement of these intrinsically humorous items may give them an advantage. Like our other inflatable products, Wacky-Man™ run off of cold air, and operate with safety. These can come to life with a variety of movements that may go beyond the common conception of their capabilities. We can craft Wacky-Man™ into many different personalities, like rock stars, jazzers, superheroes, logos - we will work with any idea of yours and strive to make it come to life. Too see some of these examples, follow the “Wacky-Man™” link from our products page.

We are continually striving for better and more fantastic products, one of which is our Wacky-Man™. Not only are they eye catching, they also move and shake even if there is no wind blowing. Our graphics team will assist you in the design and implementation of your logo on the Wacky-Man™ and send you artwork before going to production.

Installation of our Wacky-Man™ is fairly simple and easy because the product comes to you in a durable carry bag and is quickly assembled.